The goal of this art is
to inspire people to move
through the outer world
and find the connection
with their inner self,
a reconnection with spirit.

Through my art I aim to expand consciousness in myself and others, to awaken our thoughts to a new path. My current work is focused on the creation of sculpture - installation and mixed media.  Inviting to detach oneself from his or her visual reality to make way for the imagination and proliferation of the other senses.

My work is made from different materials ranging from stainless steel, marble, iron, resin, glass, and others. Explore topics such as the passage of time, sacred rituals, ancient traditions, nature and the extinction of species, the elevation of human consciousness, transformation and spiritual connection.

The primary objective in this art is to produce a unique aesthetic encounter, a new corporeal experience between the spectator and their environment, to move into a new reflective vision between the world known to them and the ethereal, challenging basic notions of reality, and attempts to awaken viewers' thoughts and provoke them to pursue a higher level of awareness through art.
Marianela Fuentes is a female artist originally from Saltillo, Coahuila, located in the northeast part of Mexico.  This part of the country has a rich paleontological history because of the discovery of many ancient dinosaur fossils.  Having been surrounded by paleontologists and scientists from a very young age, Marianela's love for these giants was awakened, and dinosaurs would become a strong source of inspiration in her work. Marianela majored in Psychology and Plastic Arts, concentrating on patterns in the natural world. She has deeply explored various meditation practices which have become the foundation of her creative process. She transposes the ideas she receives during meditation into reality by using different materials to create vibrant art to be enjoyed by the public in an effort to bring them to a similar state of consciousness. Marianela spent time living in Europe and India, and while doing so she learned from master craftsmen, acquiring different techniques to create mechanical structures, based on elasticity modules, blending, and colorimetry.

Marianela is driven to explore the elevation of consciousness, and hopes to help humanity through art to find paths toward reconnection with inner self, helping rebalance our spiritual articulation into the material world. Simply put, Marianela ́s work seeks a reconnection with spirit.