Sacred Beings


Alpha Sacred Beings is a life-size Parasaurolophus dinosaur skeleton, which once walked the land in both the Delaware Valley and Mexico.

It is a monument symbolizing a bridge between two nations.

The beaded design was created in partnership with artist from the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape and Wixarikas. These images tell stories from North America original people.

The turtle on the crown symbolizes all the land throughout North America.
Around the dinosaur´s hips is a wampum belt that was given to recognize the friendship treaty under the Sackamaxon Elm between William Penn "Mikwon"and Tamanend "The Affable One". Along the spine fire, water, wind, mountain, moon, sun, and the stars appear in a set of seven to represent 7 Generations. The 4 cardinal directions are represented on each limb. Flora and fauna native of Delaware Valley appear throughout the beadwork surrounded in the stars and the cosmos.

8 x 4 meters, weight 4 tons

Steel, resin, fiberglass, and crystal beads.

Navy Yard, Philadelphia, EE.UU