Haa Mawari

Sacred Beings


Haa Mawari - Water Altar is an exploration of inner and outer nature. Using crystal beads on the skin of the dinosaur tells the story of how oceans, lakes, rivers, and rain sustain the entire ecosystem, including birds, insects, and all life on the planet.

This artwork seeks to raise awareness about the critical water issues that are affecting the planet, and serves as a reminder of our responsibility as humans to co-create a world in which all can prosper. It invites the viewer to reflect on the role that art, ancestral knowledge, and technology can play in addressing these complex challenges.

It was created in partnership with two Wixarica’s artist Kuka Iwi & Y + Ra

235 x 600 x 125

Steel, resin, fiberglass, crystal beads and quartz.

Mexico City, Mexico